The Complete Bass Fretboard Chart

bass fretboard chart

The following bass fretboard chart contains all the notes on a 4 stringed bass guitar. This might be a little hard to digest in an eyeful. For that reason, I've made a version of it with natural notes only: the white keys of a piano or keyboard.

That article gives you additional tools and information to help you learn the fretboard once and for all. It includes a 10 step guide to help you get the hand of this faster, a downloadable empty chart for you to fill in, and more.

I've included this complete bass guitar fretboard, with naturals and accidentals as reference material.

It's worth noting the register, or octave number the bass guitar sounds in. The electric bass guitar is a transposing instrument: in this specific case, what it means is that notes sound an octave lower than they appear on the bass stave.

This means that the open strings of the bass guitar are E2, A2, D3, and G3. It also means that the open strings of the bass guitar are tuned an octave below strings 3 to 6 of a guitar.

The range of a standard 22 fret bass is 3 octaves and a minor second. That is to say that it spans from E3 to F5.

(Note that the guitar is also a transposing instrument. Like the bass guitar, it reads an octave higher than it sounds)

Middle C is also called C 5 in most of the world, and C 4 in the U.S.:we use the international pitch index numbers throughout this site -just take away one for U.S. numbering!

Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius, Bass Guitar Legend

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