Beginner guitar methods suck. Big time.

Beginner guitar 'tips and tricks' kill your flow down the road. Man, you are lucky. Starting out, you don't have any bad habits, nothing to undo:

"I play other instruments and I learned "properly" how to apply theory and I could play the instrument. Unfortunately, the guitar was riddled early on with bad, lazy teachers who just taught me how to play songs and a few chord shapes and scales here and there. I feel like I just 'fake' the guitar, that it's not my own.

Couple that with a bout with apathy and I just have not been able to find the motivation to punch through this ceiling I feel trapped under."

This is universal. People skip steps learning the fretboard and then regret it later:

"I stuck to reading tabs for way too long and regretted it afterwards."

You have only one chance to get it right from the get go: learn from others' mistakes and you will avoid yourself years of pain and frustration.

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Beginner guitar 'tips and tricks' means skipping steps. Fretboard Addicts starts you out from the very first step, without assuming you know anything beforehand. Get it right now and you won't have holes to patch later on:


So much guitar methodology relies on memorization and pseudo-understanding of what's going on when we push strings down onto the fretboard. Steps are skipped. I mean, it seems as if the instrument is designed for us to skip important steps in our musical development. For me, this has paved a smooth road to a lot of frustration.

FA is the only system that I've encountered that has patently refused to skip a single step. Everything is demonstrated as it happens — we're never asked to ignore something for the moment because 'it will all make sense later.' Sure, this might be a little slower than memorization. But I finally don't feel like I'm learning how to effectively memorize things (which was maybe 90% of my guitar experience up until now, the other 10% a decent set of ears.) Instead, here I'm learning how to see things.

This is so cool. Seeing things, understanding them... instead of trying to memorize things by repeating them endlessly.

Ever hear of RMS, folks? Kinda like PTSD for guitar players. Repetitive motion syndrome. Every guitar player has to contend with this. If you don't understand the music you play, directly on the fretboard, the only way around it is endless repetition.

Not only is this endlessly boring, you get chronic injury which stops you from playing ever again.

Back to that same Addict again:


This is the first time ever in my experience with the guitar where the five positions of the pentatonic scale — which get used endlessly for a million different good reasons — don't feel memorized to me, they just feel like they're there. And there's a symmetry among the patterns that I can now see in my mind's eye when I think about them.

That's so cool. It's just there, it's effortless. After twenty years of beginner guitar 'tips and tricks', lessons, books, online methods, you name it, it's finally here.

To put it simply, all those beginner guitar 'tips and tricks' tell you, the tab, the chord bibles, CAGED is... put your fingers there.

Never mind why, never mind the music. Just PUT YOUR FINGERS THERE.

No no no. This is wrong. You want to play music, you want to know what you're doing, you want to be confident in your playing.

Try Fretboard Addicts. It's free for 7 weeks. Nothing to lose!

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Beginner guitar step 1: The Fretboard

The guitar fretboard in depth

Moving along the fretboard

Scales and modes along the fretboard

Moving across the fretboard

The guitar fretboard chart

Beginner guitar step 2: Scales and Modes

Pentatonic scales made easy 1

Pentatonic scales made easy 2

Pentatonic scales made easy 3

Introduction to guitar modes

Use pentatonic scales to help you learn guitar modes quickly and easily

Simplify learning guitar modes...

Beginner guitar step 3: Chords and harmony

We have a whole section exclusively to chords and harmony. Harmony is one of the basic building-blocks of music, so be sure to check it out!

Guitar Triads

Chord Chart 1: Major Triad Inversions

Chord Chart 2: Minor Triad Inversions

Chord Chart 3: Diminished Triad Inversions

Chord Chart 4: Augmented Triad Inversions

Four-part chords

Chord Chart 5: Maj7 Chord Inversions

Chord Chart 6: Min7 Chord Inversions

Chord Chart 7: 7 Chord Inversions

Chord Chart 8: b5m7 Chord Inversions

Chord Chart 9: Dim7 Chord Inversions

Fretboard Essentials

Fretboard Essentials

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