Fretboard Essentials

If you care about music, not about freaking fingering patterns...

      If you want to take your guitar playing to a whole new level...

            Get ready for simple fretboard secrets that will knock you over.

Now that you have spent time with some of the free resources here at Guitar Theory in Depth, it looks like you're ready to take it one step further; this is where to start. Congratulations!


 Trying to play guitar the same way you would sing is one of the greatest ideas. It's something we really all miss. It's something I personally have been trying to achieve all my life...

So I think this is a really great effort in that direction. Going through Fretboard Essentials, Alex Cortés' book on understanding the guitar, I was really happy to discover many things that are very familiar to me:

Trying not to follow your fingers on the guitar, but to follow the music you have in you; just to transfer it to the guitar, to your instrument.

Vojislav Ivanovic,
Composer and guitarist

Are you tired of playing "the same old thing"?

Are you sick of playing other peoples' music and not knowing how to make your own?

Do you want to be able to play covers easily, and create your own unique music?

It's not the fretboard. It's the music that drives you to play. Yet you find yourself trapped in your old fingering patterns, playing the same old thing over and over. Searching the web over for a solution and scratching your head.

Because you don't understand the notes. But it's not even the notes, it's what you can do with them.

This isn't really about the theory; theory is just a means to an (awesome) end: your music!

Are you already pretty proficient technically, but...

your understanding of the fretboard sucks?!

Read on: this is definitely for you!

You will discover how to finally make sense of the fretboard and start using it with freedom.


 Countless times I've composed something in my head only to lose it trying to figure it out on the guitar.

I fully identified with Alex's description of the problem when he said people sometimes are able to "think" exactly what to play, for example in a solo, but are unable to translate the music from their head to the guitar...

This book is exactly what I've been searching for with regard to guitar theory and playing.


Halsey Vandenberg,
New York

What if there's an easy way to stop thinking about the fretboard so you can start thinking about your music?

If you're like me, you're probably sick of chord bibles and endless collections of scale patterns. They take ages to learn and never really help you understand.

If you find yourself thinking too much about the fretboard, then it's time to revamp your understanding of the guitar. So you can do more with less.

Less practice time, less rote, less frustration, less fingering patterns: more music.

Fretboard Essentials will help you do just that, in an easy to implement, step-by-step method designed for beginners.

But the book is full of bits and pieces of information that you can apply straight away, even if you're an advanced player...

I care about music too. A lot. Maybe too much. So much that I got really pissed off at all the guitar methods and teachers that didn't help me understand music, or the fretboard.

At books that told me I didn't need to understand the fretboard, nor music. Books that say "just learn these quick-fix tricks and you'll be Hendrix in no time."

So I've spent the last 6 or 7 years of my life really thinking hard about this. And really thinking hard of ways to get it across in an easy way, so that everyone, even a beginner, can really get it.

This is not "quick-fix" info. This is stuff that will really make a difference.

Alexander Cortes


 I only wish I had a Greek version of it for my students!

Fretboard Essentials is great for the amateur guitarist, but it also covers elements that are valuable to the intermediate and even the advanced guitarist.

It is written in a very friendly way, and proceeds methodically, following a simple rule: learn step by step, focusing only on the things you need in order to accomplish your goal —being able to play all the basic elements of music, on the fretboard!

Dimitris Kotronakis,
Classical guitar virtuoso

Freeboard Essentials is not for everyone.

If you're happy just to play from tab and learn from chord bibles, then this isn't the book for you: if you're OK with just a bunch of fingering boxes to learn your scales, look for them elsewhere.

If, however, you want to understand, so you can have more choices available, so that you can create...

If you're the kind of person who likes to know what they're doing, who likes to have all the options available, who likes to be in control, boy, is this for you!   It's all about freedom, style.

Alexander Cortés, the author

fretboard definition


 I grew up in the seventies playing progressive rock and blues music, studied a bit of classical music, played the clarinet for a while, studied scales... I practiced the guitar for many, many years, with a certain bit of success: but I always felt frustrated as a musician.

And then I had the great good fortune to run into Mr. Alex Cortés, who has taught me more about music than anyone else; I say this honestly, from my heart.

One of the things I learned from Alex is that you can play scales in different positions on the guitar: the key to this is understanding the fretboard and the way it works, and that's something Alex really places importance on... it's something he taught me a lot about.

Ian Gardner,
PGA Rules Official,


 I thought that it would be too difficult to understand —I had no music background prior to buying Fretboard Essentials...

I now understand where the scales come from which helps me learn them: this is better than just learning tab —tab is like "paint by number" vs really learning to paint, plus I can study this book at my own pace.

I would recommend this book because it doesn't promise "quick and easy" results and it progresses in a very organized manner. I wish that I'd started earlier!

Matt Evans,

Ever feel like there's a hidden logic behind the guitar fretboard...

but you can't get to it?

If you don't know the fretboard, you can't play a thing: the more you know, the more you can play.

Yet, all the books and methods you've ever bought probably show you all the different chords and scales as completely unrelated fingering patterns.

The fact is: they are all part of the same thing!!!

If you understand all the correlations between scales and chords you will have more options available, and it will take less time to learn. Guaranteed.

Theory is practical. If you can bridge theory and practice you will be one of the select few who know what they are doing on the fretboard. You'd be surprised how few really do, at any level! Be one of the few: join the club today!

(And save yourself years by understanding this seldom-revealed fretboard secret.)

How much is Fretboard Essentials?

Fretboard Essentials is $29.99

But what is the cost of not acting?

  • Years of playing the same old thing?

  • Not getting the career you deserve, as a musician,
    because you really don't know what you're doing?

  • Years stuck playing covers, not knowing how to even start creating your own music?

  • This is really simple, powerful stuff that I guarantee, personally, will make a difference:

    Focused, step-by-step explanations you can actually follow and that get to the point; all the diagrams are all super-clear. This is not about me showing off what I know, it's about you being able to play the way you want to.

    If it doesn't make a difference, then just shoot me an email within 90 days and I will refund the full price, no questions asked.

    fretboard essentials

    I will remain available to you and will answer any questions you may have. That's my promise: I'm always there if you need me.

    Besides, you get some pretty cool bonuses, alone worth the $29.99 (or more), to top it off... scroll down to find out more.


      I know almost nothing about the guitar and the structural components of music...

    Or rather, I did not know a thing until I found your incredible material.

    I cannot thank you enough for your amazingly clear, articulate, thorough and accessible approach to learning the "structural" architecture and fundamental elements of musical theory... your description of how scales are distributed as patterns on the guitar fretboard has been a revelation!!!

    Richard Waxberg,
    Director, Krishnamurti Study-Intensive & Retreat Programs
    Ojai, California

    What will Fretboard Essentials do for me?

    Fretboard Essentials will show you how to practice to save yourself time and maximize playing potential:

    It will show you how to use the basic fingering patterns you already know to easily get to the real cool stuff...

    The stuff that others spend years trying to learn, yet never fully understand. You will be able to apply this new knowledge from the get-go...

    It will help you to easily understand, through fingers, brains, and hearing how these 5 key elements of music are all part of the same tone-matrix:

    • Major and minor triads
    • Pentatonic scales
    • Diatonic scales
    • Modes
    • Chromatic scales

    Integrating these points means less fingering patterns, more music; less rote and frustration, more fun; less practice time, more awesomeness!

    By then, you will have internalized basic music theory to the point where you don't have to think about it any more.

    When you realize how these things are all connected, there will be no need to learn a bazillion different scale and chord patterns.

    It will all be there, literally at your fingertips.

    This will mean you will be able to do these things with far greater ease:

  • Improvise
  • Sight-read
  • Compose
  • Work out music
  • Teach
  • To make a long story short, Fretboard Essentials gives you effortless fretboard navigation: you will know where your fingers have to go to get the awesome sounds in your head.

    Fretboard Essentials sets you on the way to limitless fretboard creativity.

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    Fretboard Essentials
    fretboard definition


     I struggled with guitar modes for years... I really appreciate your approach relating them to major and minor pentatonic scales and shapes: this may just revolutionize my playing!!

    Frank Balash,

    Should you care?

    The fretboard is an obstacle whenever you have to think about it. It stands right in the way, between you and your music. Freedom from the fretboard, freedom from having to even think about it, means more music.

    I don't care what style of music you play on guitar. The rules of the game are still the same. And there is no way you're going to make something worth listening to if you don't know the rules, so you can start breaking them.

    I've done all the hard thinking for you. Uncovered the rules of the game. So you can break free. Free from the fretboard.

    Free to make music, free to play.


    Todd Wales

     Alex has connected the (boring) idea of learning the fretboard
    —notes, scales, finger patterns— to what we're after... creating meaningful music of our own!

    Nobody wants to learn to play the guitar in order to get good at playing scales. Scales are only important because they are part of the bigger picture: understanding how music works on the guitar.

    Fretboard Essentials bridges the gap between understanding music theory and actually being able to play guitar: if you really want to improve as a guitarist, you owe it to yourself to get his book.

    Todd Wales,
    Washington DC,

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      I've loved playing —or trying to play— classical and jazz guitar on and off my whole life, fearing and loathing the fretboard the whole time.

    I ordered Fretboard Essentials and both it and the other books are just fantastic: I feel these books were written just for me!

    Casey Walker,


      I think of compositions in my head that are very large-scale, but have always been unable to write them down in order to complete and remember them...

    Your material has really helped me draw meaning from what is happening on guitar and match it with things I'm learning on piano.

    I have always played complex pieces by ear on guitar and piano. I was never trained in music, but I've been teaching myself piano and music theory through reading for the last few months.

    I thank you so much for this excellent information.


    Aaron Colacion,


     This is especially helpful for me since I'm far from dumb: I have a high IQ but suffer from dyscalculia.

    I've been a violinist all my life —decades— and have Grade V theory, but trying to learn guitar for about five years now.

    Dyscalculia is like dyslexia, but affects my ability to process math and symbols —including music— properly. This has really helped to break down what I need to learn...


    Rhiannon Daniel,
    Couple Therapist and Musician
    Brighton, UK


     Initially I thought "everybody does the same kind of advertisement, there will be nothing much inside this book."

    But after reading through Fretboard Essentials, it's worth the time and money; I'm just loving it.

    The most important part is there is like a software engineer mind behind it. I mean, every point is covered in this book: I am very glad to have it with me. It's a really good book for beginners who want to learn guitar, but also for the advanced guitarist.

    Mangesh Ramesh Joshi,
    Software Engineer,
    Manhattan, New York


     Now I'll be able to play guitar for the Jazz band at school!

    I'll be the first in two years, thanks to you!!

    Wilson Lesley,
    Everett, Washington

    Fretboard Essentials is $29.99: that's only about as much as 3 sets of good guitar strings...
    And you get to keep this knowledge for good!

    But wait! That's not all you get...   as a bonus, I'll also give you:

    EspressoFretboard Essentials

    Fretboard Essentials

    Electric Guitar Anatomy 101

    guitar anatomy

    Plus countless other tips and tricks to enhance your sound and playing experience.


     Hi Alex,
    Your chord and triad diagrams are great. I've got a bunch of books and my teacher has me studying Van Epps to learn this stuff, but your diagrams are the clearest thing I've seen.

    So, thanks for the great material!

    Sigfried Gold, NYC

    Complete Triad & Chord Charts

    chord charts

    Print-ready Resource-pack

    resource pack

    Plus other free surprises...


     Undoubtedly the best, yet easiest and clearest explanations and building blocks to learning music theory for the guitar that I have come across yet.

    Thank you!

    Donald T. Brown,
    Alberta, Canada


      I thought it was all gimmicks; there are a lot of scammers out there in the world that are in it for the money. I've just recently experienced that a few months ago.

    But Alex's material is straight up! I was surprised to find Fretboard Essentials is a system for learning what the fretboard is all about, in layman's terms...

    What I like most about Fretboard Essentials is learning the notes on the freeboard without having to go through millions of years: there is a shorter, yet effective way. I would recommend this system because it makes taking on this monster easy and non-confrontational.

    William La Rue,


     I've been doing the singing exercises you suggest and it's really helping me understand the note relationships.

    To say that people often forget this, and that listening is overlooked is so true. I've still got a long way to go but I think I'm finally on the right track... thanks, man!

    My girlfriend bought me your books: I've been playing drums for close to 15 years but never really got serious with guitar until now...

    I've been practicing a lot but I've really been going slow through the book so to grasp everything you're saying. I've been working on hearing the triads and surrounding notes of major and minor pents. It takes a lot of work but its really worth it: I believe in your book!

    John Hattawy,
    Atlanta, GA

    100% 90-Day RISK-FREE

    Fretboard Essentials is a unique system and you won't find any of this info anywhere else, on the web or offline.

    As I've said, it's really simple, powerful stuff, and I guarantee, personally, that it will make a difference. If it doesn't, then just shoot me an email within 90 days and I will refund the full price, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

    NO fine print, NO weasel clauses: if YOU are not happy, I am not happy. I'm sticking my neck out here because I know this works. Period.

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