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Learning fretboard notes can be quite a hassle. Trying to learn them by rote is really frustrating...

...even when you already know that every fret is a semitone

...even when you've learnt the basic structure of scales!

...even after you've managed to learn a million scale and mode patterns!

...even when you already know and a million -and then some- chord patterns!

...even when you've managed to work out half of Hendrix's coolest licks!


Because your fingers need to get the logic behind notes on the fretboard. Your head has to get the logic of fretboard notes. Your ears need to get the logic behind fretboard notes...

You do get the point, don't you? Just knowing a scale pattern is not enough. Not nearly. That's what everybody thinks in the beginning. That's what I thought. And , boy, was I disappointed! I spent years learning scale patterns, and yet, music would not come out of the damn thing. I could play a few pretty awesome licks, but deep down I knew something HUGE was missing... I was trapped, playing "the same old thing" over and over again!

To go beyond "the same old thing" you really need to give some deep thought to the fretboard... to notes and their relationships. Only then will notes on the fretboard make any real sense to you. When you do that, music will seem to pour from your fingers!

Or, if you want to get straight down to action, and skip all the thinking, guess what?! I've done it for you...

Some visitors have pointed out that the info provided in the site seems to be only a teaser... they have asked "Where can I get the full thing?"

The answer is: right here... Fretboard Essentials is now out!

But back to my point: once you understand some basic fretboard facts, and you know that scales and chords are just different aspects of the same thing, the same tone matrix...

...that all the different scales are very closely related, in more ways than one,

...that rote is not only boring, but actually kills musical creativity,

you will be on the fast lane to a completely new dimension of music making on the guitar!

Discover how to understand the tone matrix behind fretboard logic, and unleash your full creative prowess. Purchase Fretboard Essentials today for a complete hands-on approach.

It's not the notes, it's what you can do with them

The only real way to get fretboard notes is understanding. As we've said above, fingers, brain, and ears, all have to chip in and do their thing. Fretboard Essentials gives you the tools you need to achieve that integration in an easy and doable way.

If you've always been afraid of music theory and ear training, I understand you. These things are usually taught in such a way that they are completely impractical to the guitar player. Fretboard Essentials integrates the two tightly into fretboard notes study. This simplifies everything so that you have to learn less fingering patterns. So that you have to think less and less about the fretboard. And more and more about your music. So that you never have to go back to playing "the same old thing"...

Download Fretboard Essentials

Fretboard Essentials gives you unique tools to integrate advanced music concepts into your playing.

It gives you the tools to internalize it all, so you can stop thinking about the fretboard, and start thinking about your music.

Purchase "Fretboard Essentials"

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