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24 Frets

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There are many articles on the fretboard at
So why one more, you ask?

People have been asking for a full, 24 fret diagram. The reason I hadn't included it before should be obvious: after fret 12, starting on fret 13, note array recurs.
So you don't actually have to learn anything new! Once you've learned the fretboard up to the 12th fret, you're done. You've learned the whole thing!

Even so, taking a look at the full thing can be helpful, so here it is:

24 fret guitar fretboard chart complete

This diagram shows note names in the anglo-saxon system without reference to the specific octave of each note. You will notice how each string is subdivided into a Chromatic Scale, or a scale composed only of half-steps.

This diagram, however, is not very helpful when it comes to visualizing the whole thing. It contains too much information. So, going back to the idea I originally wrote about in this article, let's take a look at the fretboard with only "white notes" on it.

guitar fretboard diagram complete 24 fret bass fretboard diagram complete 24 fret

Here we have 24 fret diagrams of guitar and bass fretboards, side by side. You will notice that strings 3-6 of the guitar diagram are identical to the bass diagram. So let's go back again to the the ideas you will find explained in full here.

Since the bass note layout is completely symmetrical, and it is a subset of the guitar note layout, it makes for a good starting point. Try learning fingering patterns and other stuff only on the 4 lowest strings of the guitar. This will ease some of the confusion caused by asymmetry once you start using all 6 strings.

This gives you the additional advantage that if you ever have to play bass, you'll instantly know what to do with it!

So what's next?!

The next step is to understand scales and modes, so you can move freely all over the fretboard...

guitar modes
fretboard essentials

For those of you who haven't done so already, I recommend that you read the full FB in Depth section. It takes you step-by-step through all the important things that you absolutely must know about the guitar or the bass fingerboard layout. The articles are arranged in sequence, so I recommend, especially for beginners, to take it one morsel at a time until you have the basics pegged:

The Guitar Fretboard in Depth:

1. Guitar Fingerboard in Depth: overview
2. Guitar Notes: A view along the Fingerboard, and other important points
3. Fingerboard Diagram —string by string: scales and modes along the fretboard
4. Guitar Tuning and the Fingerboard: a view across the fingerboard
5. The Guitar Fingerboard Chart explained afresh —also for Bass players
6. Fretboard Map: connect the dots!
7. 24 Frets: The full diagram

Articles about the Fingerboard for beginners:

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