Learning the Guitar Fretboard: Are you confused?

As a beginner, I always saw learning the guitar fretboard as a mystery. To be quite honest, years went by before I even started thinking about it seriously: the damn thing just seemed so obscure.

My teachers were of no great help, either. From where I stood, they didn't seem to be much better off than myself in that regard. They didn't really seem to understand the guitar fretboard at all. And they didn't! Even though they were top notch classical guitarists!!! (Or if they did, they never shared what they knew).

So I took it for granted that there really was no better way. Fortunately for me, my musical curiosity went well beyond the guitar. My first instrument as a child was actually the piano... I later studied bowed strings: learning to play cello and violin changed my whole perspective on stringed instruments. It showed me a whole different level of musical understanding was indeed possible.

I decided that there had to be a better way of learning the guitar fretboard. Now I knew that it was possible to understand one's instrument in depth. I also knew that it was possible to understand music, through one's instrument.

So this leads us back the the matter at hand. Before getting too specific about the guitar fretboard layout, let's talk about something a lot more basic: mood. Just stop that crappy "I'm confused, this is so damn hard" mood. Today! If someone had told me this then, I would not have paid any attention. But I now know that feeling confused is just a mood. And as with all moods, all that is required to break out of it is decision.

By simply deciding not to feel confused about the fretboard, you will start to see changes. Of course, this has to be reinforced through actual understanding.

And understanding is only achieved through study. But mood is the secret key to unlock that door. The simple decision to be clear-headed about this will turn learning the fretboard into a rewarding and exciting adventure.

Without the decision to stop feeling confused, there is no way of learning the guitar fretboard!

Apply your 10 Steps to Learn the Guitar Fretboard

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